The 1st Integrated Photovoltaic Conference: the flagship event of Seamless-PV

To meet the goals of the Paris Agreement 2020, confirmed at the COP 26 in Glasgow in 2021, the major industrial countries and regions of the world design and establish new policies aiming to de-carbonize the Energy sector. Renewable energy is the choice for the phase-out of fossil energy sources, and almost all current technologies are cost-competitive with conventional sources.

Solar PV is pivotal in this context, a renewed focus will inevitably fall on integrating the technology elements (PV modules) in the human environment and current energy systems, rather than further improving device physics and materials technologies.  

Integration of PV systems in most cases means double-use of the anthropogenic environment without spoiling its basic functions, notably in the built environment (“Building integrated PV”), the agricultural land (“Agri-Photovoltaics”) and other installations (Infrastructure and vehicles). 

To help this transition, the Seamless-PV project is organizing the first edition of the Integrated Photovoltaic Conference, taking place in Florence on the 28th of November 2024. The IPV Conference aims be the knowledge-exchange event for all topics relevant for the integration of PV in the built environment. One day conference with oral and poster presentations, accompanied by workshops which foster the exchange and co-operation of distinct expertise. 

One-day open conference with oral and poster presentations, accompanied by workshops that foster the exchange and cooperation of distinct expertise.  Presenters will be selected via a Call for Projects and on invitation. Invited presentations will be key-notes addressing the one or more conference topics.

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