EU Solar Buildings – Strategy day in Brussels

The partners of the SEAMLESS-PV project and Solar Power Europe are inviting you to a full day of workshops and networking on Building integrated Photovoltaics.

Join us in Brussels on the 21st of February, we will discuss current developments in the field of Building integrated photovoltaics, with the aim to define a new set of priorities and solutions for solar buildings. Members of SolarPower Europe’s Buildings & Prosumers Workstream and SEAMLESS-PV, manufacturers, research institutes, and associations will network with representatives of related industries and decision makers to exchange intelligence and define the strategic outlook for BIPV market and industry.

YOU CAN REGISTER AT THIS LINK (for any inquiry, get in touch with

Location: Scotland House, Rond-Point Schuman 6, B1040 BRUSSELS


Download the Agenda in pdf

09:15 Welcoming breakfast

10:00 Introduction to the activities

  • Welcoming words by Giulio Poggiaroni, ETA Florence Renewables
  • Welcoming words by Walburga Hemetsberger, SolarPower Europe
  • Introduction to Solar Buildings strategy day by Pierluigi Bonomo, SUPSI
  • The R&I policy of the EU in the field of integrated photovoltaics by Maria Getsiou, DG RTD – EC

10:30 High-level discussion: photovoltaic buildings in the EU strategies

Moderated by

  • Heinz Ossenbrink, former Head of the Unit for Renewable Energy EU commission JRC

Input Presentation: EU strategies and framework for BIPV

  • Solar Buildings in EU legislative and strategy cycle for solar energy: Ignacio Asenjo, European Commission, ENER.C1
  • BIPV and solar sector in EU: status, challenges and perspectives: Jan Osenberg, Solar Power EU
  • BIPV and construction sector in EU: status, challenges and perspectives: Spyros MATHIOUDAKIS, European Builders Confederation EBC

(20′) Open discussion

11:30 Coffee break

12:00 Workshop #1: solution to massively deploy solar buildings in Europe

Moderated by

  • Francesco Frontini, SUPSI, Task Manager IEA-PVPS Task 15

Input Presentations

  • BIPVBOOST: low cost EU products portfolio for BIPV: Francesco Frontini,  SUPSI
  • BESMART: Color next generation BIPV: Laurre-Emmanuelle Perret, LNMT& Compaz
  • MASS-IPV: Enabling Massive Integration of PV into Buildings, Bruno Bueno, Fraunhofer ISE
  • Market dynamics and decision-making models for BIPV in EU: Philippe Macé, Bequerel Institute

(20′) Open discussion

13:00 Networking lunch

14:00 Workshop #2 European BIPV manufacturing: a competitiveness key for EU?

Moderated by

  • Carmen Correas Lopez, Policy Advisor, Manufacturing Workstream, Solar Power Europe

Input Presentations

  • PV customization: which model in EU? Laura Maturi, EURAC, ETIP-PV
  • Aesthetics and more: optimizing quality and costs in real market: Stephan Garson, Akuo Group
  • MC2.0: mass-customization manufacturing concept for BIPV:  Roland Valckenborg, TNO
  • SEAMLESS-PV: advanced manufacturing for BIPV: Daniel Valencia, Tecnalia  
  • Solar materials and Europe’s industrial revolution for efficient buildings: Rémi Collombet,  EuroACE

(25′) Open discussion

15:00 Workshop #3: integrated reskilling strategies for solar architecture

Moderated by

  • Arthur Daemers, Policy Advisor, #SolarWorks Solar Power EU

15:15 Input Presentations

  • Reporting from the front of solar architecture, Jean-Didier STEENACKERS, Sunsoak  
  • Challenges in shaping architectural education in EU, Dag Boutsen, KU Leuven, EAAE
  • Stakeholder engagement and cross-sectoral cooperation. INCREASE project: Thomas Garabetian, Solar Power EU
  • Inspired by experience to upskill architects on solar buildings:  Greta Battaglia, SUPSI

(20′) Open discussion

16:15 Closing: EU Solar Buildings Platform: manifesto and call for membership, P. Bonomo (SUPSI)


16:30 Networking moment

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